Event ticketing.


An electronic ticket is known as e-ticket. It is a digital ticket which is used in the place of paper ticket and it is the latest form of ticket. We provide e ticket for events and event marketing services. Our purpose is to provide customers the easiest and the latest way of ticketing. They can easily buy the tickets online and they don’t have to stand in the long queue. They can easily access to the tickets and the payment mode should also be easy and quick. We work with the latest technologies for the convenience of customers. We provide our facilities for e-ticketing of events in UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM)

DTCM is Dubai’s e-permit and e-ticketing platform to provide permit to the people who want to organize an event, conference, exhibition etc to set up a business in the market of Saudi Arabia and UAE. We provide you the simplest way to apply and get the permit.


You can also get your ticket via QR Code and you can also get the print out of the ticket.


You can easily register with us for organizing the business conference in Dubai. We arrange everything according to your requirement for the conference. You can complete the registration online and after getting registered and once you end up doing payment also you get your e-ticket for the conference. You can easily track your update through our website.


We also provide online services regarding event exhibition in Dubai. It is very easy, simple and quick registration and getting e- ticket is also very easy and quick. After getting your e ticket you can easily get the printouts. You can also get your ticket offline on sales desk of our office. But we recommend you to download our e- ticket because it’s easy and quick.


We also do campaigns, advertisements and marketing of events, conference and exhibitions through online marketing, electronic marketing and print marketing also. Our marketing provides your event a wider range of audience. We also plan the service of events according to your needs and target audience to make your event successful.


E-ticketing is a very strong source of internet marketing via SEO (search engine optimization) and SEM (search engine marketing). Internet marketing is the digital marketing in which the marketing of any product or services is done over the internet. It is the most used form of marketing nowadays.

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