Social media marketing is the latest type of marketing in the world. Its popularity is increasing rapidly because of its large number of users. Almost 3 billion people in the world use social media daily. It's almost 40% of the world. Social media marketing helps you gain potential clients through social network websites such as Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram etc. Of course the users of social media are mostly youngsters but that doesn’t mean old people don’t use it. Old people are also updated with the latest happenings of social media. All these things prove that the marketing done on social media is the best and the most successful type of marketing now. The best part of social media marketing is that it is one of the least expensive and highly successful marketing types.

Nofa Solutions is one of the leading data management companies that offer the services in event registration, online marketing for events, exhibitions and conferences. We also provide knowledge and business services to our clients. Our event attendees get a versatile experience of the events. Our management team uses the latest technology for customers and customer satisfaction has been our main focus.

Events on social media marketing are the most demanding events nowadays because of the success rate of social media business. If you want to grow your business or you want to set up your business in Dubai and Middle East then doing an event on social media marketing will be the best option for you. We organize one of the best events in Dubai and make it attractive, give our best in the promotions to increase the number of attendees in the event. Not only this, we try our best to invite the leading business partners in our events so that you can contact them and grow your business.

We provide ideal event registration service and versatile experience to all our customers. Our events include conferences, exhibitions, trade shows, seminars etc. All the arrangements required for a successful event are on us. We take the whole responsibility to make your event a success. Starting from the registration process, we will provide you the service of promotion of your event, all the arrangements required for the event day are done by us such as venue, planning of the event etc. Our registration process is also very easy to understand and highly secured. You can fill in all the details and requirements for your event at the time of registration. We will plan your event according to your details.

We also provide e tickets for events and event marketing services. An electronic ticket is known as an e ticket. It is a digital ticket which is used in the place of paper ticket and it is the latest form of ticket. Our purpose is to provide customers the easiest and latest way of ticketing. They can easily buy the tickets online and don’t have to stand in the long queue. They can easily access the tickets and the mode of payment is easy and quick as well. We work with the latest technologies for the convenience of customers.

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