Registration For Conference

Nofa Solutions provides an ideal conference registration service and excellent experience to all the customers. We give you the chance to interact with professionals, exhibitors of every industry from all over the world.

We provide you a perfect service to build the relationship and to understand the business and challenges in Saudi Arabia. We organize the conference according to the target audience. Ticketing and price of the tickets are arranged according to the attendees. Campaigning and marketing of the conference is our job. We advertise about the conference online, through print media and electronic media depends on the type of advertisement you want. Saudi Arabia is the latest hub and about to become the leader of the digital economy. Our main purpose is to provide excellent service, fully satisfying our customers and arranging quality of conferences. We are a professional event organizer and we provide services in planning and organizing conferences, promotion of the conference and we take care of the management process also. You will get a wide range of options because we plan the conference on every category.

Some examples are

Hospitality, agriculture and forestry, building and construction, education and training, food and beverage, science and research, environment and waste, business services, banking and finance, travel and tourism and many more. We are one of the leading organizations in trade fairs and conferences in Riyadh. From small gatherings to major big public conferences, we do it all. Our trustworthy relationship with our clients is the key to our success. We work with the latest technology, as you know that conferences are evolving rapidly and the new style of conference has also changed a lot. We work with interesting ideas and latest trends to grab the maximum attention of the customers and to make your conference a success. We choose the best venue, provide the best service and provide our guests the best option in our food and beverage department. We are best at organizing regional, national and international conferences. With the help of our attractive way of promotion, we make you interact with one of the leading companies owners to grow your business in the future hub of technology Riyadh.

Why choose us

  • We will make you understand the future vision of Riyadh business and the emerging technologies and strategies used to grow the business.
  • We will help you to understand the power of your business to make Riyadh a smart city.
  • We will make you get to know the difference between the old and new technologies and how the new technology works.
  • We provide you the best way to connect with your attendees. We make an extra effort to keep a record of the attendees and contact them later.
  • We will make your conference creative and interesting. People usually get bored at long and boring conferences and they stop paying attention. We make our conference interesting to hold our attendees.
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