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e-Payment Gateways

Give your customers an online payment facility with E-payment gateways

With the introduction of digital technology, more and more companies are finding their prominence over the internet. This has given a rise to the e-commerce making the business transaction easy for both the service provider and the customers deriving the service. For such e-commerce solutions, it is necessary to have e-payment gateways to facilitate online payment using debit, credit and net banking facility. This helps the business firms to gain a wider hold over the market and easily reach the customers right to their homes. But before deciding and choosing a service provider for creating your payment gateway; it is necessary first to understand the functions of the gateway.

Payment gateways and their uses

E-payment gateways are those merchandise gateways which provide your customers with a secure and safe mode of transaction. The assimilation of the gateway and shopping cart on your company web page helps you to easily accept payment for orders online without running after the customer for the payment at the end of the transaction and delivery. Also these gateways help the merchant in satisfying his business needs as they offer various options to make your company’s transaction less time consuming. Integrating a shopping cart to the payment gateway before placing them on the web page is not always a easy task when it is done by the owner himself. To cater their needs; there are certain gateways available which come integrated with the shopping cart. This reduces the cost of hiring a gateway designer and all that the website designer has to do is to put the html code of this gateway into the site.

Facilitating Recurring Bills for Merchants

Recurring bills is one of the task which most merchants get tired off. However; most of the traditional terminals do not support this function. E-payment gateways have come up with this feature where all that the merchant has to do is to put in the details about the contract and billing. Once done with the process; the transaction gets automatically completed. You direct the system to bill the transaction and the system send you an email informing whether the same is approved or declined. It eliminates the need of charging the card manually each time and charge the customers for the payment.

Linkup with QuickBooks Program

One most important benefit that comes along with the online payment gateway is the ability to link it with the QuickBooks program. The link between the Gateway and the QuickBooks program helps the merchant in easily importing the data from the gateway to the QuickBooks. This eliminates the time consumed in manually entering the information into the database. On an addition; gateways provide the merchant and the customer with instant information about whether the payment using the debit or credit card is approved or not. Last but not the least, Security what you enjoy using these payment gateways and this is the main feature which increase the traffic on your website.

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