Events Registration Services

Onsite Registration

We, at Nofa Solutions provide onsite registration software that functions in all types of event planning that has excellent features and convenient registration services that processes in fulfilling all the requirements of our clients. Our work is to basically focus on the utilization of expert innovatively and by using latest tech solutions for availing customers with convenient and smooth registration services aimed at fulfilling your requirements. According to various surveys and demos, it has been ensured that the process of guest arrival functions very flexibly by using the Nofa onsite tools. It can be any computer or system connected with the internet that processes as a self-service, onsite helps in registering and checking in the attendees. One can also use the kiosk mode for registering the attendees in a way to produce badges of event name with bar codes events and meetings. The real time reports of onsite run and the badges of print name helps in facilitating and managing events of all prospects. Moreover for the clients who require additional onsite support, Nofa partners with the help of companies with conference management avails attendees and also exhibit the services.

There are enormous numbers of features from our side like the free mobile check in app helps in granting self-registration onsite through which a registrant may check in and do payment and also generate a session of badge, session of print list of attendees as well as badges for individual and the onsite sign in sheets for events. Apart from this onsite functions, there is assigning of the different bar codes to the badges name in order to track or fix attendance as well as for the lead retrieval. One can also gather and function the payments securely from live credit cards and also generate easy personal schemes, confirmations and status. Our registration comprises of:

  • Self-registration stations
  • Data capturing terminals
  • Temporary staff scheduling & supervision
  • e-Badge stations
  • Daily Show Emails
  • Full On-site Reports detailing up-to-the-minute attendance results
  • Scanning solutions
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