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The present day advanced RFID technology work towards helping the tracking and tracing softwares which are developed to solve a certain range of problems related to the business and corporate houses. The range of problems usually includes the speed of the processing data, growing concern for limited access in distant and sensitive areas, need to trace the current position of the employees at the crucial time (say when to prepare and project a presentation), information about a certain product upon its identification, the need of ascertaining certain sensitive topic related to the business, and tracking objects within the work zone. Most of these problems are what majority of the business houses encounter now a days and the only solution they have is the use of RFID.

Understanding the meaning and function of RFID

The technology is considered helpful as it provides information to a person about the exact position of the product and its expected time of delivery. In the older days, it was the responsibility of the employees to put in details about the expected delivery of the product into the data base. While it was considered effective; chances of misprints and errors prevailed. RFID solution is the only technology which claims an error free upload of the requisite information. But what is this RFID? Many a times while visiting a shopping mall; you have seen some small tools like tags are attached to the products and apparels available. These tools are called radio transmitter. Similarly radio receivers are placed all throughout the warehouse or mall whereas employees working over there carry handheld receivers. Upon billing or scanning of the tags, the items also get tracked using the transmitter affixed to them.

Uses and benefits of these technical equipments

Now-a-days; the use of these transmitters have become common to most of the shopping arcades, factories, warehouses and shipping companies(both big and small). While the implementation cost is a bit high but the cost of maintenance is negligible which is why is becomes easy and affordable to use. Moreover; companies overlook the purchase and implementation cost of these radio transmitters because the cost of theft of the actual product turns out to be much more expensive than these. The risk of theft is completely diminished by the use of the RFID technology.

Reduction of internal theft: the biggest benefit from RFID

Internal theft is a common problem which most of the production and manufacturing companies encounter. It calls on a toll over their production charge and overall balance sheet. In fact, some of the companies shrink because of internal theft leading to sweep away a major portion of the good produced. With the use of RFID solution, the risk of internal theft gets completely worn out as the employees’ fear of being fired once they are caught guilty of the theft. This has eventually helped the production companies to ensure 100% sales with a proper balance of revenues. With the technological advancement; the tags which was one large enough to be understood on seeing is now replaced with a tag as small as a honeybee. Thus it helps the company in retaining only their efficient and worthy employees sacking those with criminality views.

Our array of services for your RFID needs

Nofa Solutions holds great deal of experience in working with these RFID credential service helping the companies to maintain a check on their product and its current position. These tools helps in tracking and recording patron movement within the venue at the same time providing a compact yet full update of the data. We support a vast array of services like NFC, barcode, QR badges along with RFID. Our team is readily available to support you as as helping you to achieve all your business objectives and goals.

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