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How Event Mobile App can help you to Stay Connected with Your Customers

For any event to be successful it is necessary to have an app that can keep all the planned things in scheduled. Whether you want your attendees to be given the necessary information about the event or whether you want your staff to stay organized during the entire event, a good mobile application specially designed for the event can be helpful. Such application runs on windows, android, IOS and Blackberry devices and is easy to use. Our mobile application for event is designed to organize different events in one application, better social media integration and better opportunities for sponsorship. With such services, your event will certainly be a huge success.

Features of Mobile app specially Designed for the event:

There are more than 30-40 different features that are best suited for event mobile app. Your attendees would also feel that they have been covered with the access for everything that is needed. Such app gives a good revenue generation and all sorts of details with regards to sponsor and banner Ads. It also features schedule to be made with regards to the session that would be conducted. You can access the venue and city details easily. The attendees can be easily connected via social media feeds. Such app also features question and answer and other interactive sessions. The complete document information can be store. It also features live polling for a quick feedback.

How can you benefit from our Event Mobile App?

Our aim is to design a user and pocket friendly app that performs the task at multi level. Our application helps the clients to manage the events at different levels and stay connected with the customers. Such application can manage the resources involved in the event efficient. In case you get stuck up anywhere while using the vent mobile app, our staff can readily help you with it. We create an engagement for the attendees at different point of an event. Our app is designed to maintain the brand consistency throughout different mobile application aspects. With such app you get a measurable data. You don’t really have to spend on printing material.

What all information does Event Mobile App contains?

People who are into event management needs to be up to date with every incident that is taking place in their program. With event mobile app, it becomes easier to conduct survey, prepare the schedule and perform different types of online marketing services. The information in such app includes registration process, new updates, and deals for the customers. This saves a lot of time to reach every customer and informing them about the new update of the product or application.

Why should you choose us?

We have the best team of members who are designers, developers and good engineers who strive hard to make efficient software and applications. Our focus is to deliver the customers with the quality services at pocket friendly value. At Nofa Solutions, right from creating a web page till the quality event registration, you get all sorts of web and software development services. We are into digital services from a long time and our aim is to make the customers life simpler enough by introducing new technologies that would make the routine tasks much simpler. Our aim is to offer those web associated service which is right for any type of business.

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