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Get the Smartest way to Record the data with Session Tracking

A regular reporting can make things simpler to organize and manage the marketing task. The manual attendance is time consuming and may not give the accurate data. This will eventually disturb the entire reporting. A good report helps to arrange the time for different purposes such as programming, accreditation, sponsor marketing. These are the prime aspects of event marketing and for this session tracking app can be a life saver. With such app you can take the attendance of the vent without paying any penny. It is easy to operate and can give you the accurate results in less time.

Advantages of session tracking app:

There are many advantages that a business or the marketing organization can avail by installing such software. With this type of application it becomes easy to meet the needs of different customers. It helps to run the custom report and organize the coming events in a right manner. Such tracking app has many features which can save your time. It can be customized as per your needs. It is easy to operate as the app works on simple clicking. If there is a huge group of people and to manage them is your responsibility then this tracking app can be quite useful tool for you. With such software you can stay organized and get a quick access to make the analysis and report. Such type of app is used for registering and tickets sales services as well.

How can our Session tracking service be an Effective tool?

We have the best team of members who carry years of experience and a good knowledge about designing different applications. A tracking app is a proof of the population present for the vent organized by you. It eliminates the manual work of signing a paper sheet and that it is why it is considered as the best tool to save time and money. The session tracking app designed by us not only record the attendees but also have other feature such as records the duration for how long the members attended the event, gather the basic information (name, location, and contact details) of the attendees, record the data in the right format and keep the data updated.

Know the working of Session tracking app:

This application is available for all sorts of devices. You simply have to get it installed on your phone. It is also called a mini pocket scanner. The attendees will be given a badge at the time of registration. They have to wear that badge while attending the event. The badge will be then scanned with this app and a ‘beep’ tone will be heard which mean the data is recorded and saved automatically. It is completely secured and the can help in forecasting and planning needs. With a perfect blend of internet and technology, this time and money saving product can be a life saver for the big events. At Nofa Solutions, you can rely for different designing and web development services that are made easier for you.

To track a session is to record the entire event that includes information about number of attendees, the purpose of the event and the feedback given by the attendees. Along with this application, you can also use our other services that are associated with branding, online marketing and mobile app and web development.

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